Get off the Couch: After School Activities for Kids

Get off the Couch: After School Activities for Kids

After school activities are known to help children develop academically and socially, as well as furthering their communication and lifestyle choices. Whether your child is involved in a team sport, athletics, music, cooking or a wide variety of extra-curricular options, one thing is for sure; it promotes enjoyment, socialisation skills and brain function throughout a key stage in a child’s developmental years.  Keeping kids off the couch after a hard day at school can be a challenge, but with a variety of fun activities available, you can rest assured that your children will not only want to get involved, they will unconsciously develop great social and mental skills that assist them for years to come. Here are just a few of the skill-boosting activities available for kids today.

Drama/ Theatre

Does your child have a dramatic flair or a love for dress ups? Let them explore it! A lot of schools have a drama club that offers after school, extra-curricular options. Performing arts is not only fun and entertaining for children, it helps build self-confidence, public speaking skills and how to work together as a team.

Martial Arts/ Yoga

Activities such as Martial Arts, Karate or Yoga, help children to not only keep physically fit, but also teach self-discipline, and controlling emotions. The calm environment of these activities is great for children to develop healthy mindset through a focus on breathing, relaxation and movement control.

Gymnastics/ Dance

Gymnastics and Dance programs are two one of the most popular after-school activities for young children. It gets them moving, while also teaching discipline, coordination skills, dedication and team building. School programs in these areas are hugely successful as they are such a fun and energetic environment for children.


Tennis is an active and competitive sport that doesn’t come with the risks involved in contact sports. It’s not only great for the cardiovascular health of children, but it involves developing tactical thinking skills that will transfer over into other aspects of development, such as problem-solving.


For the less physical inclined students, music is a wonderful outlet for children to express their creativity and dedication. Whether it’s singing or learning one of the many instruments available, music has been proven to assist in the development of language skills, brain function and comprehension for children and adults alike.

Arts and Crafts

Let kids get their hands dirty with artistic mediums beyond what the school offers. Whether it’s pottery, photography, or drawing, art and crafts groups allow children to not only express themselves, but it boosts creativity which can transfer to thinking skills.


Swimming isn’t just a refreshing and fun activity for kids. The constant movement and focus that swimming requires, as well as breathing and coordination, is great for a child’s development. The fact that after a hot day at school, kids can enjoy a refreshing swim whilst getting their dose of cardiovascular exercise, is just an added bonus.


Cooking requires patience, creativity, timing, and dedication. It also has the added benefit of a hand with dinner!  Allowing children to be inspired in the kitchen can lead to added confidence throughout their schooling, and who knows, maybe it will lead to a career.

There are plenty of activities that deserve a mention on this list, such as athletics programs, team sports such as soccer, or gardening. In essence, any activity that children are involved in that keeps them off the couch and using their body and brains, is going to have a growing multitude of benefits for not only the children but parents as well. Happy children make a happy parent!  For information about how the Body Evolution scanner benefits schools and boosts understanding of our bodies, health, and fitness, get in touch with our team here.


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