The InBody and You: How a Body Composition Scan Can Get You Results

The InBody and You: How a Body Composition Scan Can Get You Results

Once upon a time, the inner-workings of the human body were a complete mystery to us. But with significant scientific advances, we have the ability to understand exactly what goes on and how our bodies work the way they do. This information can be utilised to not only improve the health and well-being of individuals but to test and track progress to reach set goals. We know that starting a successful health and fitness journey starts with understanding your body and how it works; therefore, how best to reach your goals. We also know that the best machine to give you the most accurate understanding of your body is through the InBody composition scanner. In this blog, we cover exactly what it is, what is measured and how it can work for you.

What does the InBody body composition scanner do?

Using noninvasive bioelectrical impedance analysis, low-level electrical currents are safely sent through the hands and feet and into the body. The impedance the currents encounter gives an accurate analysis of the entire body composition. Then, the InBody composition scanner provides the user with a comprehensive full-body report which measures:

  • Lean body mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat levels
  • Subcutaneous fat levels
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Fitness age
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Hydration level
  • Bone mineral content


What can a composition analysis do for you?

Because most of us, especially women, experience frequent weight fluctuations, it can become difficult to accurately monitor how a fitness or fat loss strategy is actually affecting your body. The ability to have precise, in-depth reports on the various fat, muscle, water levels and their percentages in our body has significantly changed the possible results for our efforts. This is where the InBody body composition scanner really shines. Having better information means you can make better decisions about your health and the goals you want to achieve.

A body composition analysis can be beneficial in a wide variety of environments. Schools can take advantage of body composition scans in order to educate and promote healthy body image in young children as well as the importance of forming healthy habits later in life.

Within a corporate environment, a body composition scanner can be used to promote healthy workplaces, which has the effect of improving employee morale and cohesiveness, as well as productivity and stress reduction.

Gyms and fitness centers can also utilise the Inbody scanner as a means to accurately assess clients’ fitness and weight loss progress before, during and after training and nutrition programs.


We are Body Evolution Health and Fitness

At Body Evolution Health and Fitness, we pride ourselves on providing reliable advice to help everyone create a better path to a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the facts when it comes to your body helps us to make better choices. We are a small family company; able to deliver a top of the range, TGA approved body composition machine to gyms, fitness centers, schools, corporate offices and private homes around Queensland.

Our co-Founders, Adam and Alison, have been interested in health and fitness from a very young age. They have both worked in the sport and fitness industry their whole life, now dedicating themselves to the health of others. Together, they believe that there is no way to hide on the scan and that the InBody machine is the perfect training tool for everyone’s health and fitness needs. The aim of Body Evolution Health and Fitness is to use this patented technology, along with our thirst for health and fitness, to help Queensland become a healthier state.

Understanding your own body composition is the first step to improving your weight, your overall health, and generally living a fuller, happier life. If you’re interested in the InBody machine, or just want to chat to us about your health and fitness requirements, get in touch with our team today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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