Keeping fit and healthy over the festive season

Keeping fit and healthy over the festive season

Whilst you might go overboard buying gifts for everyone, you will have to pay dearly if you also go overboard with all the food and drink that’s on offer over the Christmas period. It’s not called the silly season for nothing. Too many of us overindulge over Christmas and live to diet another day!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could still indulge yourself over Christmas, whilst not completely ruining your healthy diet and forgetting your exercise program? Well, we have a guilt-free solution for you, so that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle and not feel that you are missing out on the Christmas treats.

Keep exercising

If you already have a good exercise routine that you do every day or three times a week, for example, don’t stop over the holidays. It is important that you keep up your regular exercise, so don’t become complacent and throw everything out the window! Keeping active with the kids while they are on holiday is another way to add extra activity to your day over Christmas and avoids blowing all your hard work during the year.

Monitor your alcohol

If you don’t drink much alcohol during the year, why go overboard at Christmas? You can still enjoy a glass of your favourite beer, wine or spirits with friends and family and still stick to your healthy eating regime. Consider drinking mineral water at parties, because people won’t know the difference and you can still have a good time, whilst avoiding the extra calories in alcohol and the unhealthy results of overindulging yourself.

Eat before partying

We can all agree that going to a Christmas party on an empty stomach is not a good idea. When you are hungry, you eat too much and you drink too much, and most of the food at parties is high in calories and fat. So, it makes sense to have a decent snack before you go to a party, as this makes you less inclined to overindulge and feel guilty afterwards.

Use a smaller plate

If you find yourself at a party or function and you didn’t have time to eat before arriving, you need a workable strategy to help you keep on track. One of the best strategies is to select a small side plate rather than a large dinner size plate for your snacks and don’t pile it up so that the food is falling off the edges! Moderation is the key when you are faced with a mountain of unhealthy foods, so fill up on healthy salads (if they are available) and only eat until you have taken the edge off your hunger.


Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends and enjoying good food and the occasional drink. It is not about eating until you can’t move and drinking until you fall over! Taking the focus off food and drink and placing it on sharing good times with everyone will help you to stop worrying about overindulging, making it easier to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Indulge yourself

If you have to spend the entire Christmas period sticking to a healthy eating regime, that might suit some people, but then again, you might throw the diet out the window and go crazy! So, unless you have an extreme amount of self-discipline and absolutely nothing will rock your healthy lifestyle commitments, allowing yourself a few indulgences over Christmas is quite acceptable. If you do go crazy one day, don’t feel guilty and fall off the wagon, because after all, a few treats won’t do you any harm and no-one wants to feel that they have to live an austere life empty of the occasional piece of cheesecake, do they?

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