New Year, New You: Bodyweight Training

New Year, New You: Bodyweight Training

Training with your own bodyweight is one of the best ways to build your fitness and strength when you’re first starting out on your ‘new year, new you’ journey. Bodyweight training doesn’t require any equipment (as the name suggests) and exercise routines are easy enough to complete at home too. bodyweight training is also one of the most effective forms of physical training that anyone can do.

A well designed, bodyweight training specific programs, is not to be misunderstood as just a training program for those who are deconditioned. What many people don’t understand is that bodyweight training programs can be tailored to any fitness goal, specific to you. When discussing the right kind of training program for you, your goals, and your current fitness level, your trainer will take you through the following:

  1. Choice of exercise
  2. Order of exercise
  3. Number of repetitions
  4. Number of sets
  5. Rest intervals
  6. Speed of Movement (SoM)

Tailoring Your Personal Bodyweight Exercise Program

A good quality, bodyweight orientated, exercise program should have three components

  1. Warm up
  2. Conditioning
  3. Cool down.

Fitness Tip: Once you feel comfortable with the bodyweight exercise routine in place, you could try adding stability equipment like fit balls and foam rollers to increase the number of exercise options infinitely.

Increasing The Difficulty Level Of Your Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight training is a very versatile exercise style. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or perhaps you’re an intermediate looking to become a pro, bodyweight training offers great fitness benefits for everyone. When performed correctly, bodyweight training provides a huge challenge.

If you are confident in your bodyweight training capabilities and are looking to take your exercise routine to the next step, here are a few different ways to intensify your workout:

  • Changing the lever length of an exercise. For example, try lunging with your arms crossed over your chest. This simple modification is much harder than the classic lunge with your hands on your hips.
  • Mix-up the tempo of the exercise. For example, doing ten push-ups as fast as you can is significantly easier than doing a set of push-ups and holding for 5 seconds before coming back up, due to the muscle strain caused.

Fitness Tip: The principle of time under tension can also be reversed to give the body a new stimulus to which it will need to adapt.

Looking to maximise your workout with ease? When applied correctly, bodyweight training can be used to achieve most client goals in a stimulating way.

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