Our Team

Adam Seeney


Adam was into health and fitness from a very young age. He has worked in the sport and fitness industry his whole life and is now dedicating himself to the health of others. Adam believes there is no way to hide on the scan and that it is the perfect training tool for everyone’s needs. Adam wants to help Queenslanders gain a healthier lifestyle.

  • Certified InBody operator
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness (personal trainer)
  • Certified core foundations (pelvic floor specialist)
  • Kettlebell level 1 and 2 trainer
  • Certified meta fit
  • Certified meta pwr
  • Advanced nutrition 1 and 2

Alison Seeney


Alison grew up around health and fitness from a young age and was always participating in various sports with her family. She has worked in the sport and fitness industry managing her own Aquatic Centre for the last 13 years. Alison believes that the InBody machine matched with the right nutrition and support is all you need to achieve your goals.

  • Certified InBody operator